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Tracking Click Goals with a Redirect A/B Test

Laurie 03-09-16

Tracking Click Goals with a Redirect A/B Test



I've set up a redirect A/B Test in order to test the whether changing a form on the page makes a difference to engagement rates. 


The engagement goal shows that the variation is performing better than the original. However, when I go to view how many clicks there were on the page through the click goal, it appears that Optimizely is only tracking the clicks on the original page. I know that this can't be right, as the engagement goal tracks all clicks on the page and using Hotjar analytics shows visitors clicking through the variation to other parts of the site.


Do I need to set up the goals differently for a redirect page in order to track the data correctly?

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JDahlinANF 03-09-16

Re: Tracking Click Goals with a Redirect A/B Test

The click-goal should track fine if the CSS selector is valid on the new page.


Have you verified the goal's selector is valid on the new page?


To test it, let's presume your click goal is like

#someDiv button.submit

To see this in action, go to the original page, press F12 to open your developer tools, then enter and run this in the console:

$('#someDiv button.submit')

You should see that it matches the item you are tracking.

Now do the same thing on the redirected page.  It too should match.

If it does match, double-check to make sure Optimizely is also loaded on the page.


If you are allowed, post a screen shot of your click goal setup and the URLs of the two pages and I'll check to make sure it matches.