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Tracking Custom Goals

jonestj2 02-22-17

Tracking Custom Goals

I am using simple match page view goals for my experiment. 


Basically, I am directly people to 5 different variations of a landing page (the urls simply have a 1 - 5 appended at the end). 


The landing page asks people to sign up for a course. Our typical conversion rate is 25%. 


I started the test today and have had about 1000 visits, however none of the thank-you page view goals have been triggered. 


Is there normally a delay or is there a very basic mistake I am doing. 


I used a simple match expression. 


Landing Page: 


Confirmation Page; ​



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RyanC 02-23-17

Re: Tracking Custom Goals

Is Optimizely snippet on the thank you page?
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JasonDahlin 02-23-17

Re: Tracking Custom Goals

The website looks fine - the snippet is on your thank-you page, unfortunately, we cannot see how your goals are set up.  It sounds like you have it right, but there is obviously something wrong because there is usually no (ok, maybe a little, like 10 minutes) delay.


Can you post a screen shot of your goal setup and your experiment setup showing the goal is attached to the experiment?

--Jason Dahlin
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