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Tracking a different version of a slider

OnBir 02-11-15

Tracking a different version of a slider

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I would like to test a different version of text and buttons in an image slideshow on my homepage. For that I edited the original slideshow and changed the text and the buttons in each slide.

Since each slide is not displayed in the editor, I edited the HTML of every slide, which worked out just fine.


Now I want to track the clicks on the buttons of the variation. For that I have to click on the element I want to track in the editor (because the new buttons are in the variation and not the original). But the different slides are not displayed in the editor....


Any ideas how it is possible to track the new buttons?


Thanks a lot for your help.

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greg 02-12-15

Re: Tracking a different version of a slider

You will need to use the Advanced Settings within the element tracking window. In the selector field, you can specify which elements you want to track using jQuery selectors. You can track multiple elements as part of one click goal by separating the selectors with a comma.


For example, if you want to track clicks on any link inside a <div> element that has id="slider", you can use this selector:


#slider a


Or you can get very specific, for example if you only want to track links inside the slider that link to a signup page (


#slider a[href*="signup"]


Learning about selectors will give you much greater control of what's being tracked, so it's a very worthwhile thing to learn (and not so complex).

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