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Tracking conversions with dynamic audience segments

mikefiorillo 06-24-16
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Tracking conversions with dynamic audience segments

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Hoping someone can help me answer a quesiton I have about Optimizely's report segmentation feature.

How does reporting work if a visitor moves from one segment to another? For instance, a company might have two segment, one for "customers" and one for "non-customers".


Now let's say you want to report the results of a test using these segments. Let's keep it simple and say you want to track whether an experiment gets more customers to download an eBook vs. non-customers.


Here's the tricky part. If one non-customer visits a landing page and converts, presumably the "non-customers" segment will have a 100% conversion rate. The question is, if that later becomes a customer, what will Optimizely report? Will the report reflect the change in audience assignment for that user, or is it based on what audience a user was in when the conversion happened?


ps. Happy this was not on the Optimizely certification test

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JasonDahlin 06-24-16

Re: Tracking conversions with dynamic audience segments

Goals are allocated to the user's segment at the time the goal is met.

If I am a non-buyer and then I purchase, the purchase goal is tied to the "non-buyer" segment.
If that same user, who is now in the "buyer" segment, makes a second purchase, that purchase shows up in the "buyer" segment.
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