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Tracking custom goals that are not on my website

Mateus 10-24-16

Tracking custom goals that are not on my website

Hey there,


This is my first question on Optimizely Community and I'm not sure this is the right forum so if not, please tell me so I can post it on or migrate it to the right place. Smiley Happy


We offer a 1-on-1 call in my company and in order to book a demo, a user needs to pick a date in a third-party calendar from Once the user signs up for a demo, our analytics tools identify them as a new booked lead.


Now, we want to test our VIP demo page but we can't use the page view goal because there is no page redirect after they register and we can't even use a custom goal because the lead is obtained on So I'm trying to find solutions for this, if anyone can help me see the light. How can I track an event goal that doesn't happen on my website?


The closest way I could think of until now was by using Zapier, where I identify the new booked lead using the integration and then run a Javascript code via using Node as the zap action. However, this won't be possible because I can't tell on which variation the goal was reach in Zapier.


Alternatively, I could create a new calendar with the same settings as the original one and test them on different pages. This will really be my very last resource because there's a lot involved in these calendars, such as automated email, Zapier integrations, etc, etc.


If anyone can help me figure this out, I'd appreciate it!

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robertchan 10-25-16

Re: Tracking custom goals that are not on my website

Seems like there are couple of moving pieces to your concern. For the VIP demo page, I feel like you could trigger a cookie for each variant (you'll need to code this), and anyone with that cookie with a referral link from calendly would trigger a conversion, perhaps a custom event that gets fired. I'm not familiar with calendly, but I'd suggest dropping in some tracker on that end that corresponds to what you have on your experiment end. That way, with two trackers that are the same, you'd be able to identify people coming in as well as people bucketed to a certain experiment.
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