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Tracking different versions of Slider images

Valentin 07-16-14
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Tracking different versions of Slider images



I would like to test different versions of images in my Homepage-Slider. I know that maybe one recommendation would be to not use a slider at all, but that experiment is coming soon as well.

Right now I have a slider with four slides that I would like to replace with four other slides with the same messages and the same links but different design. So basically it's four A/B-Tests with always one new picture running against the old version.

Within the editor I cannot see the different sliders images and replace same. So any suggestions on how to do that?
My solution right now is to run a multi-page test and track pageviews on the sites my slider-images are linking to, but people might get to these pages without going through the slider. Ideas for a better solution?



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adzeds 07-16-14

Re: Tracking different versions of Slider images



How is the slider implemented? Is it a Javascript plugin?


It is difficult to make recommendations without knowing the exact way it is implemented but could you not re-write the image urls in the html as the page loads?


Happy to take a look at the source code if you want to message me the URL.

David Shaw
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Gus 07-16-14

Re: Tracking different versions of Slider images

As David said, it depends on the implementation.
Are you able to move the slider in the editor interactive mode?
Gus Ces
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Amanda 07-21-14

Re: Tracking different versions of Slider images

Hey @Valentin - As mentioned, the answer is that it depends. Can you send the URL with the slider and we can take a closer look at it?


Sliders can be tricky to modify in the visual editor, but it's actually really easy to run the test you are suggesting with a little custom code in the "edit code" box. 


Typically (not always), sliders are acually a list of different items. Each item has it's own image and link associated with it. So, for each variation of your experiment, you can isolate the specific item and swap out the image for that particular item. 


For example, if you were swapping out the image of the first slider, you might use code similar to the below (the :eq(0) represents the index, in this case the first item in the slider)


Let me know if you have any questions on this! 


$('#slider li:eq(0)').attr('src','new_image.jpg');
Bwilson 07-09-15

Re: Tracking different versions of Slider images

Hello @Amanda


I'm currently trying to run a similar experiment as Valentin. Except I'm using a Demandbase audience to direct specific users to a landing page custom to that audience. The page has multiple slider elements that I'd like to change. 


As you mentioned, you can't see all sliders in the edit mode. 

Can you please help me here; how do I work around this?


Thanks in advance!

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