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Tracking form submissions vs two different URLs

smr 10-13-16

Tracking form submissions vs two different URLs

Hey folks, it's been a little while since I've used Optimizely and we're running with it again on a trial. We are looking to run an experiment on conversions of the delivery of a form. When the user clicks the link on a product page, 50% of users should get a form that loads in an iframe via lightbox (url sourced from a third party vendor where we placed our Optimizely snippet) and another that is on a landing page (url also from this third party vendor). So essentially two separate URLs with a form on each, but we want to track the clickthrough rate on the Submit button and measure between the two of them and compare which is more successful. However, I am unsure of how to do this. We have the experiment setup to where it's delivering the two different methods fine, but being able to track and compare which is performing better is the issue. Hopefully this makes sense.
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CouchPsycho 10-13-16

Re: Tracking form submissions vs two different URLs


you can do this by setting up your goals. Assume you have two submit-button selectors .subButSelA and .subButSelB

Both are not on the same page and none is on the experiment page, because the iframe has its own url and a new page does have its own, too.

When setting up a goal, have a look at the advanced section. There you can set "Goal Targeting" to "Use experiment targeting conditions" or "Specify custom pages on which to track this goal". This allows you to set goal targeting on pages which are not part of the general targeting.

Have a look at:

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