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Tracking revenue for offline conversions

jroselln 04-11-16

Tracking revenue for offline conversions

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I'm using offline payment methods and to track them i have to use measure protocol or offline importing.

What's optimizely recommended way for tracking revenue for offline conversions?


I've read "Tracking offline conversion events with Optimizely" article

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Re: Tracking revenue for offline conversions

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Hi there,

The article on Tracking offline conversion events with Optimizely is indeed the recommended way of tracking offline conversions. Offline conversions tell Optimizely that a certain visitor converted to a certain goal with certain parameters. The most important parameters:

* A: (Required) Project ID
* N: (Required) Event name
* X: (Required) Experiment ID/Variation ID mappings
* V: Revenue in cents
* U: Optimizely End User ID

The most important thing to note is that all the parameters you set in the offline conversions are what Optimizely knows about this conversion. Any information such as Optimizely End User ID and segment values, you'll have to keep track of and add to the offline conversion.

Does this help you?

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