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Tracking seems to have stopped

ydoll 02-10-16

Tracking seems to have stopped


I have a test running on our home page and it seems to have stopped tracking today. The visitor number has not gone up since this morning.

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JDahlinANF 02-11-16

Re: Tracking seems to have stopped

Can you link to the site so we can verify the snippet is installed correctly and that the experiment you are looking at is running on the page (that the experiment still passes URL Targeting for the homepage)

JeanD 02-11-16

Re: Tracking seems to have stopped

Hello Ydoll,


Are you able to see the experiment yourself?

Here are the steps you can take to solve the issue:
1) Make sure the experiment is still running. On the Optimizely homepage, It should say "Running" next to your experiment name.
2) Check that the URL you want to run the experiment on matches the URL targeting settings you set up in the experiment options. You can find the URL targeting setting by loading the experiment in the Visual Editor and going to "Options" and then clicking on "URL Targeting".

You can use the URL Match Validator to make sure that you are setting up your URL targeting setting the right way.

For your reference, you can find out more details about the URL Targeting settings on this link:


Does that answer your question?

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