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Traffic Allocation Strategy

Avinav 10-12-15

Traffic Allocation Strategy



If I allocate 50% traffic to original and 50% to variation. How will I know which landing page was shown to a user.

I have read an article for the same - " from this blog but still have some doubt, please clarify ASAP.





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JDahlinANF 10-12-15

Re: Traffic Allocation Strategy

In your experiments results, users will be broken into two groups: "Variation A" and "Variation B". 


Presuming you set up the experiment so that "A" sees the current landing page and "B" see the new one...


Users in "Variation A" saw the control/current landing page.  Users in "Variation B" saw the test/new landing page.

JohnH 10-12-15

Re: Traffic Allocation Strategy

@Avinav - Can you clarify what you're asking a little? Typically, it should not matter what *specific* user saw a certain variation because the data you care about is the aggregate performance, which you can see on the results page. The visitor is supposed to be randomly bucketed into Variation A or B just like Nap0leon said. 


Is there a reason you want to see what variation a specific user saw? Is your experiment running on a logged in page where you can always identify the user? I beleive there are ways to do this with the JS API, but it would require some custom work. 

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