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Traffic allocation doesn't work

sagekreyol 06-18-15

Traffic allocation doesn't work



I'm running an experiement on  I was trying to troubleshoot some issues I was having and wanted to pause the experiment until I resolved the issue.  I went into Optimizely and first tried to change the traffic allocation so that 0% of the traffice went to the experiment.  When I refresh my site, I still see the experiement running.  If I pause the experiment, it works, but traffic allocation doesn't.


I try running a diagnostic report, and I'm told I need to implement my Optimizely snippet.  This is odd since I can see that my experiment is actually running!!!


My experiment ID is 2784881377.  The code for the snippet is

<script src="//"></script>


The ID for my Original variation is 2810270006 and the ID for variation (which I want to pause) is 2801570198

JDahlinANF 06-18-15

Re: Traffic allocation doesn't work

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The snippet is not currently live on your homepage at

Your snippet is live on

  • this snippet has one active experiment "2784881377"
  • this experiment has one active variation "2810270006"

Sound like you need to talk with your DEV team to figure out why a subdomain is required to for the snippetot be included on your pages.

sagekreyol 06-19-15

Re: Traffic allocation doesn't work

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Thanks for the heads up. This might explain a lot!  Except that I do see the experiment running on