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Traffic domain allocation on a referral program.

kouverk 05-20-15

Traffic domain allocation on a referral program.

We have refer-a-friend program that works in the following way: after making a purchase on our site, students are sent an email containing a referral url. If they send that url to a friend they can save a certain percentage on the purchase they made. With that url, the friend, upon using it can also save a certain percentage if they make a purchase. 

We'd like to run two versions of the referral program, where internally (built by our developers) we send 1/2 our users referral offer of type A, and 1/2 of type B, to ultimately find out if one is more successful at referring people back or not.

I'm wondering if it is possible in optimizely, in a test, to allocate traffic for a variation to allow only users accessing our site from url type A, and exlcude all others, similar for type B.

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Re: Traffic domain allocation on a referral program.

Hi there,

This sounds like an interesting experiment!

Yes you sound be able to accomplish this with URL targeting. Have you seen this article?

Does that help clear things up?


Amy Herbertson
Customer Success