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Trouble with Audiences

rroleary 01-13-15

Trouble with Audiences



I'm having a hard time getting audiences based on URL parameters working. I'm not using the utm parameter, I have my own url parameters appending URls areacode=XXX and loan-type=XXXX. I'm trying to target by location and loan type between ads and landing page and don't want to use my UTM parameters, but a seperate tag structure. 


When I go to preview the test and set up the view attribute, it doesn't recognize me as part of a test and all I see is the variation whether I test within or out of the parameter. 

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Brian_Abad 01-13-15

Re: Trouble with Audiences

Thanks for reaching out with your question!

Could you provide us a screenshot of how Preview Mode looks for you right now, as well as more information regarding the Audience visitor conditions you have set-up?

Additionally, you could QA your experiment by following the steps outlined within our knowledge base article:
Brian Abad
Manager, Technical Support
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rroleary 01-14-15

Re: Trouble with Audiences

Attached is the screen shot and the audience conditions are as follows: 


Visitor matches any of these query parameters: areacode equals 574. 


The custom attribute I'm testing in preview is areacode 775 to ensure that it's not showing the variation. 


Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 3.00.46 PM.png
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