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Troubleshooting experiments on mobile

sobarskiy 03-07-16
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Troubleshooting experiments on mobile

Hey there! I'm still a newbie to optimizely but running my second experiment and hit an issue. Desktop looks fine, but the test version seems to render oddly on a mobile site (formatting is off). Any idea how I can troubleshoot mobile rendering? Didn't see anything in the settings for that.... In the meantime, I am running the experiment to only desktop until I can (hopefully) resolve this issue.


Thanks so much!

JDahlinANF 03-07-16

Re: Troubleshooting experiments on mobile

A couple of things to do:

1- Change your editor to "Display Mobile Device" (it's a checkbox on the editor pop-up).

2- QA your experiment on appropriately sized screens (using Chrome's built in feature to chagne screen sizes for various mobile devices)

3- QA your experiment using the force parameters on actual devices (add URL parameter such as optimizely_x123456=1 - where "123456" is the id of the experiment and you want to test variation #1)

sobarskiy 03-15-16

Re: Troubleshooting experiments on mobile

Thank you so much! That was super helpful