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Trying to target a category

GidonBelmaker 09-08-14

Trying to target a category

Hi all, 


My site has mutiple catagories of content: health, news, science.... 


My url structure does not contain the catagory. 


Catagory page url


URL of article in that category:


I can't use substring match to target the entire catagory for an experiment. Anyone has an idea how I can do it? 

Kathryn 09-08-14

Re: Trying to target a category

Hi there Gidon,

That's a good question. To solve it, I would recommend using custom tags.

Custom tags are small code fragments which you place on all pages you wish to track. In your case, you could place various custom tags on your article pages to differentiate between categories. Once the custom tags are set up, you would create an audience for your experiment(s) which specifies that the experiment should only run on pages which contain a certain custom tag.

For more information about this method, please take a look at our support article:

If anything about this is unclear, please let me know and I'll be happy to help you get this set up.

Best wishes,