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Two separate accounts on the same website

mhanna 02-25-16

Two separate accounts on the same website



I was wondering if it would be possible to integrate two separate Optimizely accounts onto the same website.


We have a white labeled ticketing system that allows our clients to integrate a tag manager, and eventually Optimizely for their own use. We would love to use Optimizely ourselves, without sharing the same accounts than our clients. Is this possible?


If not, do you have any suggestions on how we could go about having our own Optimizely tests running in a separate account?



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DavidS 02-29-16

Re: Two separate accounts on the same website

Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out!

I understand that you are looking to use two different Optimizely accounts on the same website. 


This is possible but not recommended. To achieve that, you would write some custom code that would insert the right Optimizely snippet on your page depending on the user's account. This would also mean that you will have to keep an updated list of URLs comprising your client's snippet URLs as well as yours. 


In your case, as long as your clients and yourself are not targeting the same pages and that you are able to add a different snippet on the pages you want to target, then I would create a new Optimizely account and start running experiments from this account. 


Hope this helps!