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UA integration still working?

ppsmit 07-26-16

UA integration still working?

Hi guys,


I was wondering if any of you also have troubles with the UA integration. A couple of months ago I was still able to run custom UA reports with the integration method described here:


Now, when I follow the exact same steps, it does not show anymore in my Google Analytics.

I trouble shooted the following:

1. Custom dimension & Index number are the same (both 3)

2. The experiment ID is the set correctly in GA custom report under filters (6515390219)

3. The GA debugger tool is showing the correct dimensions are used and firing the data into slot 3

4. The UA script + the Optimizly script for GA integration are both found in the source code of the website.

Currently the test is running on the homepage of


Thanks, Paul



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Reneevl 07-27-16

Re: UA integration still working?

Hey Paul,


Is it correct that there is currently no experiment running?


What sometimes happens is that the same custom dimension is used for different experiments. This might lead to the fact that you override the data of one experiment.

You can check this by not filtering on the experimentID but filtering by .*. This way you will see all the experiments that are linked to the custom dimension. (see screenshot)

Also you can use this article that will guide you through troubleshooting your Universal Analytics issues.


I hope this helps!




Renée van Leijen
Technical Support Engineer
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ppsmit 07-28-16

SOLVED Re: UA integration still working?

Hi Renee,


Thanks on your answer! There is a split url test running on the page. 

I actually just checked the data and it now seems t be coming in. I made one change in Optimizly settings that caused this, I guess. I thought it would not make a difference but apparently this was the trick to solve my issue.

Under Integrations setting (within the experiment) > Universal Analytics Integration

I cleared the custom tracker (optional) field. So this is empty now.

After this the data was flowing into GA.



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