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URL Redirection on multiple pages

phs1919 04-28-15

URL Redirection on multiple pages



I want to test different layout of products page for our website. I cannot find relevant resources on how to get started. We want to test totally different layout for product pages whose urls are like and 


I thought of using redirecting url. Let's say for page has a variant which redirects to Then I realized I want to implement this change to all the product pages which have the pattern of and maybe I need to use multi-page testing instead of A/B Testing. However, it does not really matter if a user sees mixed variations of product pages so I went back to thinking of implementing this in A/B Testing mode. 


It would be great if I could get the url of the page a user is directed to and make it as variable to be used for redirection url so that if a user goes in "", he/she is redirected to the different layout variant "". I would appreciate it if there is any other approach in implementing this test. Thank you very much!

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td_evans 04-28-15

Re: URL Redirection on multiple pages

/* _optimizely_redirect=http://custom */
$("head").append("<style>body{display:none!important;}</style>"); //This is to stop flash of unstyled content
var url = window.location;
var queryString =;
var prefix = queryString.indexOf('?') >=0 ? '&' : '?';   
var redirect_url = location.protocol + '//' + url.hostname + url.pathname + + prefix + 'utm_content=different_layout' ;
window.location = redirect_url;

The above should work. You'll need to make sure your regex pattern for the product URL's is setup correctly so this doesn't run sitewide.

Thomas Evans
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adzeds 04-28-15

Re: URL Redirection on multiple pages

@td_evans has provided a solid answer there to get you going.

This is something that I think can be improved in the Optimizely system to make this a lot easier for people!
David Shaw
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tomfuertes 04-30-15

Re: URL Redirection on multiple pages

Hi @phs1919!


You have several factors and paths at play here. Hopefully by talking through them below I can help you choose a course of action.


1) Set up N number of experiments where N is equal to the number of product pages. 

Pros: Easy to code by setting up just a singular redirect test. 

Cons: Several different experiments to maintain and a lack of consistancy across pages


2) Set up a singular redirect experiment on your most trafficed product. 

Pros: Isolated data set, easy maintenance, easy reporting. 

Cons: Can take a long time to get data with such a little subset of traffic


3) Set up a Single Experiment targeted to several pages that redirects dynamically based on each url. 

Pros: Constant PDP Layout experience. 

Cons: Harder to setup, but I started a boilerplate for you here. Still might experience redirects on every pageviews which isn't that performant


4) Set up a Cookie Based experience instead of a querystring based one. You'd essentially pivot your PDP pages off of experience_cookie=(v0|v1|v2|etc...) and then use optimizely to do a check in each variation of `if (!cookie) setCookie() && location.reload()` 

Pros: Level playing field with consistant and performant experience across all variations. 

Cons: Requires server side deploys which can be difficult.


5) Code all or subsets of the major changes in the optimizely editor!

Pros: No redirects needed. Less changes gives you more information on what works

Cons: Might require dev support. Less changes means more tests means less big bets / wins


Hope that helps articulate the many paths you can take and their contingencies! Feel free to post further questions if you have them.


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