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URL testing infinite loop

DomenVi 07-08-15

URL testing infinite loop

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Hey there people of Optiverse!


I've got an issue testing with URL redirect.


When the user lands on landing page, they're redirected to


Which is fine.


This issue lies is in the fact that whenever a user does something on (i.e. adds a new item to cart), the page reloads twice (once for the action and once because the test says to redirect them...). 


How can I avoid this problem?


Thank so much!



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michaelH 07-08-15

Re: URL testing infinite loop

Hi Domen!


As mentioned in this article you can avoid infite loops by making sure that your url targeting conditions do not target the redirect page  This makes sure that the redirect code is not again applied to the /test2 page which will avoid the infinite loop.

DomenVi 07-12-15

Re: URL testing infinite loop

Hi Michael,

I've excluded the test URL (test2), however, when I want to run the test it says, that "Your experiment's targeting url settings don't match"

What do I do?

Thanks so much!

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