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Unable to load experiment on IE 8

alanho 05-10-16

Unable to load experiment on IE 8

While testing out my experiment setup (by allocating 100% traffic to variant #1), I realized that the Optimizely experiment will not load in IE 8 ~ 10.


In the console, I noticed the Optimizely JS was loaded; and so is the Optimizely object.

However running optimizely.activeExperiments returns nothing in those legacy browsers.

Needless to say, since variant #1 was not called out due to the missing experiement; the original was loaded instead.


Can someone help?

- Alan Ho
Level 3

David_Orr 05-11-16

Re: Unable to load experiment on IE 8

Hi Alan,

You should be able to see why an experiment isn't running by looking at the Optimizely log. Simply add the query parameter "optimizely_log=true" to the URL. Here is a link for more info on how to pull and read the log:,_data_object,_and_Optimizely_log#The_Opt...

I generally would search for the experiment ID in the log and look for the "condition" category to see why an experiment isn't running.

Feel free to paste the log on your github gist or pastebin if you like me to take a look at it.

Senior Technical Support Engineer