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Unable to load my page during experiment setup

BitAPIHub 01-12-15
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Unable to load my page during experiment setup

I've looked at the "Pages not loading in the Editor (troubleshooting)" help article and I've performed all of the steps, but for some reason Optimizely still can't load my site. It's running WordPress with the official Optimizely plugin. Any ideas why it can't load?


The URL in question is and I've allowed Chrome to load the unsafe script stuff as stated. Firefox also has the same issue. The diagnostic report says, "Your experiment's targeting url settings don't match" and the "final URL" is blank. The experiment is a brand new one, and I've never gotten it to load.

Joel_Balmer 01-13-15

Re: Unable to load my page during experiment setup

Hi there,


Have you had a look at this support article, here?


It suggests a number of solutions, some of which aren't in the article, such as XFrame headers (you will be able to tell if this is the problem by seeing errrors related to this in the browser's console when trying to load your experiment).


Let us know if you have any more information!

BitAPIHub 01-14-15

Re: Unable to load my page during experiment setup

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I have no idea why I didn't think to use Firebug for that. Smiley Tongue I ALWAYS use it. Well, I found out that the cause of the issue is that I'm getting a 406 error. I visited the URL directly and I got the same thing. My browser tells the site that it accepts text/html among other things, and that's normal. I can't see why Optimizely would need anything else, so by all rights it should work. Even if it was a security issue, it should either work, or return a 400 or 500 error depending on what caused the vulnerability.


I did some poking around and saw that some people were saying that mod_security could be the cause, but I've tried disableing it in an if module without any resolution. I doubt that mod_security is to blame. My development rig works perfectly fine with the parameters on my dummy domain, plus the error still occurs on a static page unrelated to WP, and outside of the WP directory. (I also used a .htaccess file to disable mod_security temporarily in the same directory as the test subject.)


So, my guess is that this isn't a mod_security or website design flaw, but a flaw/over-zealous protection that GoDaddy, our temporary web-host has in place. I'll get in contact with them about the issue, and report back as to what I find out. If anyone else has any ideas, please let me know.


UPDATE: I called GoDaddy and they had the sys admin review the system and it was a flaw in their security restrictions. they patched it up and the 406 error went away. Now the experiments work perfectly. I hope this post helps others to fix any related issues.