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Unable to load my site in optimizely

bhavisha 04-17-14
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Unable to load my site in optimizely


I am unable to laod my website in optimizely, It givens me the following error "Sorry, but we were unable to load"  I have already disabled FF setting to allow to load all content 

Please let me know how  can i go Forward.

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Christophe 04-17-14

Re: Unable to load my site in optimizely

Hi Bhavisha,
is the Optimizely snippet installed on your site?
Can you maybe share the url of your site so we can try to load it?
kenn 04-29-14

Re: Unable to load my site in optimizely

Hi Christopher, 


Same issue. I'm getting the error 


   Sorry, but we were unable to load


Yet i've been successfully running experiments on that page across the site. 


I am using Chrome. Any suggestion?



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Kathryn 04-29-14

Re: Unable to load my site in optimizely

Hi K,

Is this affecting all of your experiments? The reason I ask is that when I checked your account, I was able to load several of your experiments without trouble. There was a recent issue with a bug in Chrome, which you can read more about here: However, as of April 14th, it seems to be resolved.

When pages are fussy about loading in the editor, there are three common causes in my experience:

1. You need to enable mixed content in order for the page to load correctly

2. Since the editor loads your page in an iFrame, if your X-FRAME-OPTIONS are set to SAMEORIGIN, you will need to whitelist Optimizely before pages will load correctly in the editor

3. For pages that require session-specific information to load, try opening the page in an adjacent tab outside of Optimizely and taking whichever steps are needed to get to the page you're trying to load. Now refresh the Optimizely editor and hopefully the page should load.

Lots more information about these three issues can be found at

Just let me know if I can help further!
chaotictc 05-08-14

Re: Unable to load my site in optimizely

Hi Kathryn, I found this post because I'm having an issue with our X-FRAME-OPTIONS being set to SAMEORIGIN. What is the suggested way to properly whitelist Optimizely in a safe, robust manner? According to , Chrome and Safari do not appear to properly support ALLOW-FROM.
tobyurff 05-30-14

Re: Unable to load my site in optimizely

Hi chaotic,
You're right, unfortunately there is no good way to enable iframe embedding selectively via the X-FRAME-OPTIONS header within the current browser landscape. The best option for now is to configure your server to not include this header for specific users. We've seen customers that exclude their own office IP range or based on cookies / specific user agent strings.
We're hoping that the situation will change of the next months as support for ALLOW-FROM will start for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari, but for now, this is the only option.
Thanks, Toby
nolandm 12-16-14

Re: Unable to load my site in optimizely

I'm having the same problem. is my site, and is the page I wanted to first start testing. It doesn't seem to load my site. I'm using Wordpress with Optimize Press and I've loaded the code onto the page the same as I do for Adwords website tracking. I went to Diagnostic Tracking and it says "my experiment's Targeting URL settings does not match". I went in and matched them, but it still says this. Can you help?
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mvn 01-13-16

Re: Unable to load my site in optimizely

I realize this thread is old, but in case it helps anyone else stumbling across it, this chrome plugin allows you to bypass the X-FRAME-OPTIONS header without having to change anything server-side.

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nickburt 01-22-16

Re: Unable to load my site in optimizely

I'm new to Optimizely and am having the same problem (at least I think it is the same problem). I've created a very basic site just to play with here ( if I remove the Optimizely script it will load - but obviously not run - if I keep the script it won't load. I am using Chrome and have installed the extension recommended by MVN. Any ideas?
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nickburt 01-25-16

Re: Unable to load my site in optimizely

Solved. Not the first time I've fallen for this! I forgot to whitelist the site on my Ghostery ad-blocker extension, all working fine now.
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