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Unable to test form on Magento checkout page

adamlcasey 06-19-15

Unable to test form on Magento checkout page

I'm trying to test my Magento Checkout page (We use the OneStep Checkout plugin). 

I need to set a goal that is clicking inside the first field in my checkout form.


However the checkout form only appears when there is something in the cart.

But when I try to create the experiment in Optimizely it is not showing the items I loaded into my cart?


michaelH 06-22-15

Re: Unable to test form on Magento checkout page

Have you tried the methods to load gated content as described in this troubleshooting article? Please describe the steps you have taken at this point to give a bit more background info on the issue.



adamlcasey 06-23-15

Re: Unable to test form on Magento checkout page

Hi Michael,


Thanks for coming back to me on this. I've gone through the two options in the link you provided and here is what happens:


Option 1: When I switch to interactive mode it allows me to add a product to my basket and then access the checkout page. But when I switch back from Interactive mode to Edit mode it doesn't seem to recognise that change. 

So basically I can't edit the page with Optimizely's page editor.


Option 2: I have tried Option 2 but the cart won't load. The url I copy over is simply  if that makes any difference.



NOTE: When I first load the editor, I get the 'Compatibility mode' warning message. I've clicked in the Padlock icon in my Chrome browser and selected the option - "Load Unsafe Scripts" and refreshed the page. 

But I still see the Compatibility Mode warning message and I still can't get this to work either by Option 1 or 2.



Hope this makes sense but happy to jump on a screen share if necessary.






philippeb 08-10-15

Re: Unable to test form on Magento checkout page

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I have exactly the same issue as Adam. Also using the single page checkout. I cannot add a product to my cart at all though.

Did you ever find a solution to this ?



adamlcasey 08-10-15

Re: Unable to test form on Magento checkout page

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Hi Philippe



Yes, initially it was an issue with how our code was being implemented.

However, I still can't use Interactive mode, but option two does work.



i.e. Navigate to your experiement in Optimizely and click on the editor.

Note: I have to also click on the padlock icon in the browser address bar each time the page refreshes and select allow unsafe scripts to run.


Then open a new tab in your browser, navigate to your magento store and add and item to your cart, then navigate through to the page you want to test (Cart or Checkout)


Then click back onto your Optimizely tab and hit refresh.

You will be able to use the visual editor to make your changes.


Note: if it doesn't work first time keep trying. It's not a very reliable solution but it does work eventually. It's just a bit painful having to go through these steps each time.


If you figure out a better solution in the future please do share back on here.

Note: We implemented Optimizely using the Magento extension from BlueAcorn.