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Unique Visitors track for 2 different URLs

djarsoftware 03-06-15

Unique Visitors track for 2 different URLs



I have an experiment that I am running on 2 different URLs and I have a few questions about the unique visitor count.


1. How does Optimizely count the unique visitors to these URLs?  

2. Is this a total on unique visitor to both URLs?

3. If the unique visitor visits both URLs are they counted again on the other URL?

4. If it is a total of unique visitors to both URLs is there away to set the unique visitors per URL?


Just let me know.




Joel_Balmer 03-10-15

Re: Unique Visitors track for 2 different URLs

Hi Chad!


Currently the way Optimizely calculates visitors for an experiment is to set a unique identifying cookie for each visitor, that has a 10 year expiry date and so can be tracked across URLs for experiments, or even across experiments. Optimizely will detect that this user has been bucketed for this experiment before, so will not consider this visitor a different visitor, so will not be added to the visitor count. Currently Optimizely does not offer the option to change this way of calculating visitors. To read more on how Optimizely works and the cookies we use, see our article on our order of operations, here.


If you were keen on achieveing separate visitors, you could duplicate the experiment and point experimennt 1's URL Targeting to URL 1 and experiment 2's to URL 2. This way visitors would be considered part of different experiments and therefore would have no overlap in counting.


I hope that helps!