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Users who reached several goals / Linking goals together

tarapon 06-26-14

Users who reached several goals / Linking goals together

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We are running A/B experiment with several variations. We track to goals:

1) Click goal (just a click on link or button on the page)

2) Custom event goal (user registered), custom events happens on other page.


Is it possible to determine number of users who reached both goals?


Basically we want to determine conversions based on this two events:

user clicks on sepcific element on the page and after that successfully registers.





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Josh 06-27-14

Re: Users who reached several goals

As far as I know there's no good way to 'link' goals like this in Optimizely.

One thing you could do is create a new custom event and call it "registered after clicking".

Then, add a cookie or otherwise flag a user when they click the relevant element. Now at the point of registration look for that cookie and if it's present fire the new custom event you've set up.
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Gus 07-01-14

Re: Users who reached several goals

As Josh has pointed out, using a cookie can do the trick.
Sometimes is good to revisit the hypothesis and try to see which metric is you primary goal.
Analyze the original interface and think how could you track that metric. Is it a composite metric? how do you calculate it? is there any correlation/cause-effect relationship between the basic metrics?
Doing this, usually i realize that i was asking the wrong question.
Not saying that this is the case, of course Smiley Happy

Gus Ces
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