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Using Amazon CDN with Optimizely question

naruto 02-13-16

Using Amazon CDN with Optimizely question

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I have some landing pages hosted on Amazon CDN. Im using my an alternative domain name (eg I use this URL as experimental URL. Unfortunately Optimizely couldnt load the page.


The landing page has the Optimizely code and mix content is enabled.


Did i miss forgot something? or do i need to host my landing pages on a server instead in the cloud like Amazon CDN?


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Re: Using Amazon CDN with Optimizely question

Hi naruto,

Thanks for posting your question! I'm not aware of any issues that our customers have with loading pages that are hosted on the Amazon CDN. This shouldn't pose a problem as far as I know.
Are you using Chrome 48? There is currently a bug affecting the load of the Visual Editor with this specific Chrome version. If you are using Chrome, you can find out what version you are using by typing chrome://version/ in any tab. Then up above, on the first line, you will be able to find out what version of Chrome you are running. To solve your issue, can you try firing up Firefox and find out if the Visual Editor loads in this browser?
In case this doesn't solve your issue, there is a Knowledge Base article dedicated to Editor loading issues.
If you're having issues with troubleshooting, would you mind posting a link to your website so i can have a look? If you don't want to share the URL publicly, you can pm me directly the link.
Does this help you?
Have a great day,


Re: Using Amazon CDN with Optimizely question

Hey Naruto,

Do you think that you could go into a little more detail of how your optimizely snippet is inserted into your landing page as well as what your URL targeting is/how its setup?