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Using WP Super Cache + Optimizely

thinkplanlaunch 03-06-15

Using WP Super Cache + Optimizely

I'm wondering if anyone knows whether or not installing WP Super Cache on my website will affect utilization of Optimizely. WP Super Cache generates static HTML versions of dynamic pages to decrease page load times, and admittedly I don't know enough about how that works -- but I'm concerned if the dynamic elements are removed, perhaps Optimizely will not be able to function as intended (but instead only serve one variation of the page in question).


Any insights here? I'd test it myself but am experiencing issues generating my API token and have not gotten Optimizely fully up and running yet, and thought I'd ask in the meantime.

Joel_Balmer 03-09-15

Re: Using WP Super Cache + Optimizely

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Hi there!

Would you be able to give us an example of the website / URL that you'd like to Optimizely running on, and what you'd like to do using Optimizely exactly? I ask because I too am not too sure of how this plugin works.

I would want to make sure that the Optimizely snippet isn't always being cached, therefore the visitor served the cached version. Optimizely uses a 120 second cache so that if there are any issues for whatever reason (the snippet becomes corrupted, you make a save change you didn't want to make, etc. etc.) then the issue won't persist for a long time on your website.

I would also check that this plugin isn't removing your snippet / serving a different generated file that does not have the Optimizely snippet anymore (this shouldn't be the standard behaviour of the plugin however). If you know that the plugin is serving you a static version of a dynamic page i.e. working correctly, you can right click and inspect elements to search for the Optimizely snippet to see if this is still being served.

But without knowing too much about the ins and outs of this plugin, it sounds like it shouldn't be a problem!