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Using as a CMS

Tester1 02-14-17

Using as a CMS

1. Can optimizely itself be used as a CMS? Did any one try this before?

2. For such usage, are there any known limitations in ease of content creation or content management?

3. For such usage, say when the entire site is served to all the site's users 100% using Optimizely, will the usage costs become too high? Are there any best practices related to high usage?


I am not looking for all the complex features of a CMS, but really looking for any known use-cases where Optimizely can certainly be used instead of a CMS.

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RyanC 02-14-17

Re: Using as a CMS

I would stay away using Optimizely as a Content Management System. It is far out of the scope, and there are plenty other systems which will do this better and are more cost feasible.
The best solution is the simplest.
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JasonDahlin 02-14-17

Re: Using as a CMS

You'd be better off writing the HTML by hand and uploading the files.
To do this in Optimizely, you would need to create an experiment for every URL on your site (and perhaps none of these have "B" variations).
This would become quite unwieldy after only a few pages. (My wife's site has only 6 pages and I wouldn't want to do it in Optimizely).
--Jason Dahlin
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