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Using redirect experiment on multiple pages

Peter26 09-18-16

Using redirect experiment on multiple pages

We created a new version of our checkout page that we´d like to test.  It involves some significant changes that would be tough to implement in the optimizely editor, so we´d like to use a redirect.  However, the checkout page of each product is unique... 



Ideally, we´d like to redirect each page in the experiment to the same URL but with a parameter on the end


Is there anyway to do that?  If not, I´d appreciate any workarounds.  Thanks a lot.

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inigam 09-18-16

Re: Using redirect experiment on multiple pages


Try to change the attr('href') on the button/link which send users to your checkout/productX pages and concatenate (add) your variation=1 to the end of it using Jquery.


if would be something like below in a simple way



var x = $('YOUR BUTTON ELEMENT').attr('href');
x = x + "?variation=1";
$('YOUR BUTTON ELEMENT').attr("href", x);


You can change x to any customisable value you want.


Thats it!


PS : Am not sure what would you get by adding that paramater though.




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