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Variation show

amit-webik 06-11-15

Variation show

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My traffic allocation set on 50-50.

But i want to know is the variation going to show randomly?

I mean is it possible that I look and refrash my site many time and see the same variation?

marie 06-11-15

Re: Variation show

Hi @amit-webik,


yes, you were bucketed into seeing one of the variations.


If you look at your site by opening an incognito window with your browser then you will be bucketed to original or variation1 every time again, so only then you'll have the chance of seeing a different variation with your own browser.

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Amanda 06-12-15

Re: Variation show

@amit-webik@marie is correct. When a visitor lands on your experiment page, he is randomly assigned to a variation based on your traffic allocation. Once the visitor is assigned to a variation, he is cookied with that variation ID (10 year cookie) so he will always see that variation as long as the experiment is running and as long as he doesn't clear cookies or use a new browser. This is to ensure a consistent user experience. 


Because of this, it makes sense that you always see the same variation when you  reflres the page. 


If you are trying to view what each of the variations look like, I recommend using preview mode or forcing yourself into a variation using query string parameters. 


Let us know if this helps clear things up for you! 

inigam 08-08-16

Re: Variation show

@Amanda - How could we show a variation to a user once and only once. ( suppose we want to give a discount but do not want to show it repeatedly if users declines the first time)


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