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Variations Aren't Working using Hubspot

ChristineS 09-14-16

Variations Aren't Working using Hubspot

I have the Optimizely code set up to fire on our main website and 2 subdomains we use for our blog and resources. I am trying to set up an experiment that changes some wording in our navigation, but to make it a seamless experience, if they bounce from the blog to the main website to the resources, the drop down text in the navigation should remain consistent.


I set the URL targeting to substring match to include all these subdomains and the URL validator confirm the experiment should run on that page. However, it doesn't look like the experiment is running at all on these subdomains. Is there a better way of setting this up? We are using hubspot for our subdomains.

AllisonR 09-16-16

Re: Variations Aren't Working using Hubspot

Hi Christine,


Based on your description it sounds like you've set this experiment up correctly! Can you let me know what you see in the Optimizely log on a page where you aren't seeing the experiment running? Instructions on how to use the log can be found here.


If the log indicates that you have been bucketed into the experiment but you're still not able to see the experiment, please see this support article to further troubleshoot this issue.


Hope this helps!


Sr. Technical Support Engineer
Optimizely | EMEA