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Variations Impacting PPC Quality Score

RISE_CRO 03-12-15

Variations Impacting PPC Quality Score

Hi Community, 


I am working with a client to run multiple variations of a landing page in that each variation coincides with the ad copy of a specific campaign. I plan on using the default audience of Ad Campaign to bucket the appropriate visitors into the correct variations; however, I have once concern. 


How does content changes on variations impact quality score in Paid Search, if at all? I know this is a somewhat broad question, but please offer any and all feedback. 






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Re: Variations Impacting PPC Quality Score

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Hi PV,

Any change that will improve the landing page experience and decrease bounce rate will improve your AdWords quality scores, not hurt it.

This is something that makes sense theoretically, since bounce rate and landing page quality are used as factors when Google calculates quality score, but it also is what we've observed empirically in our own AdWords account.


I hope this helps!

Head of Online Marketing at Optimizely

Re: Variations Impacting PPC Quality Score

Hi Steve,


       I'd like to add some more specific questions on this. I haven't noticed my quality scores go up for specific keywords since implementing Optimizely. We took a generic landing page copy and made the copy more in tune with each of our ad groups creating over 70 pages with variations. The streamlining keyword relevance alone I thought would boost the quality score, but nothing has moved. Do Search Engines actually scan the page that has the Optimizely script on it, or is it scanning the variations layered over the original page? I have also noticed that Optimizely has slowed down some of my pages from Analytic Insights. Have you ever realized a drop in Quality Score when adding in Optimizely? Appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

timmcqu2 09-18-16

Re: Variations Impacting PPC Quality Score

Hi Steve

excellent question

did you ever get an answer?

I'd also like know if using optimizely to match landing page copy with adwords ads, would effect the quality score. If in your test, "nothing has moved" then it seems as though it would not have an impact as I'm guessing the adwords bot would just scan the default version of the page.


Shame because using optimisely to match up ads with landing page copy is much more efficient than creating multiple landing pages



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inigam 09-19-16

Re: Variations Impacting PPC Quality Score

Hi Tim

How does your
Effective Cost Per Click and Ad Conversion worked for various ads?

I understand if other metrics haven't changed, say bounce rate for instance, then you would have similar volume of users, but on a better/more relevant experience. Could I bet that conversion hence would have increased?


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