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Variations & Goals

joejob 03-14-16

Variations & Goals

Hi, i am creating my first experiment with Optimizely.


I simply want to test different text on my main Call To Action button on my home page.


I have created the following variations...


01 - Sign Up Now (original)

02 - Get Started Today (variation 01)

03 - Create Your Free Account (variation 02)


... will optimizely be able to gather the split test data now (number of clicks for each variation), or do i need to set up goals for each variation before i run the experiment?

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AllisonR 03-15-16

Re: Variations & Goals

Hi Joe,


When you set up a click goal, the amount of conversions are automatically broken down for each variation. The results will look similar to what is described in our support article on the Results Page. This is because at the time the visitor converts, the variation they have been included in is included in the call to Optimizely. More information about the information included in each converison event is here


You only need one click goal for all the variations in the experiment. Hope this helps!



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