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Versions not saved

Bo225 08-07-16

Versions not saved



Just tried to create the first A/B test, but there is clearly something wrong.. Most changes I make don't seem to be saved, thus making it impossible to do any tests.


All changes look fine when I make them, but once I click away from the variant, add another or just start the experiment, all the variants looks the same (or only adopts a few of the changes I made)... I click save after each change, but to no apparent effect..


Any suggestions..?

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JasonDahlin 08-08-16

Re: Versions not saved

Hi @Bo225,

It sounds like you are using the WYSIWYG editor?

If you make a change, then save it, then make another change, then save it.  The effects should be cumulative (the new stuff performed in addition to the old stuff).  So this seems odd.


As to "only some changes" take effect, this could be an example of where the WYSIWYG editor not doing what you want it to.  For example, if you change a button's background color, it may think you are only changing that specific button's background color.  So even if that same button appears elsewhere on the page, it may be that only the first one is affected by the test.


If you have a live URL we can look at and the experiment ID you are asking about, we may be able to help diagnose a bit more clearly.

--Jason Dahlin
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Bo225 08-08-16

Re: Versions not saved

Thanks... trying to do A/B splittests on the front page.. Just tried it again...I made all necessary changes in the editor and saved... moments later, an element I had deleted was back on the page, and a button I had moved and changed, was back to original state...

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Brian_Abad 08-09-16

Re: Versions not saved

Hey Bo,

I've reached out to you via email to get some further information about your experiment to see how we can be of help. I'll update this thread once we've reached a resolution so the rest of the community can see our response.

Brian Abad
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Bo225 08-09-16

Re: Versions not saved

Hi Brian,

Thanks. Email sent
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