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Viewing Results for New Visitors & Return Visitors

richardstelmach 06-16-15
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Viewing Results for New Visitors & Return Visitors



I know it's possible to create audiences that target new visitors, return or both etc.


But, is it possible, when looking at the results of a test to filter by return or new visitors?


I can see that 'segments' allows to filter by traffic source. 


But can a similar thing be done for new vs return?


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Re: Viewing Results for New Visitors & Return Visitors

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Hi Rich,

This can be done by creating two audience condition for new and returning visitors and then enabling segmentation for those audience conditions.

It would require you to set up custom segments. You can read more about that here:

Audiences that are enabled for segmentation are persistent. This means that if a visitor qualifies for such an audience, she will continue to qualify for that audience every time she visits the page. If she visited multiple times, sometimes meeting the conditions and sometimes not, she’ll keep seeing the experiment.

This also means that when she sometimes qualifies for one audience that's enabled for segmentation, and other times qualifies for another audience that's also enabled for segmentation (which might have conditions that are the opposite of the first audience), she will show up in both segments on the Results page.

Hope this helps!


Amy Herbertson
Customer Success