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aumeh 11-20-14

Visitor activity

Hello, we began running our experiments yesterday 19th. 

We've had numerous people already visit the site today (20th) but the results page shows 0 activity. 

It's as if no one has visited the site or interacted with the experiment. 

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greg 11-20-14

Re: Visitor activity

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The results aren't updated in real-time, so there may be a short lag between actions and the reports. However, you should also check some of the following:


- If you're using audience filters, are they set up properly or are they excluding the traffic you want to test?


- Is the URL targeting set up properly? Use the built-in URL match validator to confirm this.


You can also go to the URL where you expect the test to be running, then open the Javascript console (Ctrl+Shift+J in Chrome browser) and type optimizely.activeExperiments then hit Enter. You'll see a list of active experiments on the page, and if the list is empty then you know the experiment is not being triggered. If you get an error message then you'll know the Optimizely script has not loaded on the page.

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Brian_Abad 11-20-14

Re: Visitor activity

Greg's got it exactly right! Another thing to check is whether you've installed the Optimizely snippet in your webpage (preferably by the opening head tag). If you're still having some trouble, we could check to see on our end if you could provide us the URL where this is occurring.
Brian Abad
Manager, Technical Support
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