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We can't run any experiments

pbwcm7 02-16-17

We can't run any experiments

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For the last week we haven't been able to run any experiments in Optimizely class as we keep getting the error "Your experiment's targeting url settings don't match."


This is after simply creating a new experiment and pasting the page URL in and not touching the targeting settings at all.  The page doesn't preview and throws and error.  The snippet is in the page.


What are we doing wrong?

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JasonDahlin 02-16-17

Re: We can't run any experiemtns

The error message means that your URL targeting does not match the URL used for the editor. It does not mean there is actually an issue (for example, I use the homepage as the editor URL, whether the experiment targets the product page, checkout, or wherever).

The editor telling you the snippet is not loaded could be one of several things:
1- go to the page in a new tab in your browser then copy and paste that URL into the "Editor URL". Doing this ensures that the URL is correct, allows your browser access to cached files which speeds up the editor loading which could be a source of the error,

2- Is your URL http? If so, it is non-secure content trying to be loaded on a secure page which is blocked by all modern browsers (unless you specifically allow it).

3- Does your site allow itself to be placed in an <iframe> (some sites have instructions which prevent this - if so, you'll need to get the editor's domain added to a list of sites that are allowed to frame your site).
--Jason Dahlin
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pbwcm7 02-16-17

Re: We can't run any experiemtns

Hi Jason,
Thank you for the reply. The editor does throw an error.. However, I've checked the following:

1. The URL is correct
2. The snippet is in all site pages.
3. The targeting settings 'should' match (if I go and set a substring match with just our homepage) it still comes up saying they're wrong.

Until this week, we've always ran experiments by simply pasting a URL into a new experiment, the page gets rendered and can be changed etc. Now it does not seem to work this way? We haven't changed anything on the site.
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ToddSeller 02-17-17

Re: We can't run any experiments

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I'm Todd from Optimizely support. In looking into this issue I was able to successfully emulate several of your experiments and they all loaded within the visual editor without issue. However, when I disabled all of my extensions, I was unable to load an experiment within the editor. This leads me to believe that Jason is correct, and it appears to be an issue with your site not wanting to load within a 3rd party iframe.

There are two option that I can suggest to help with this situation. Firstly, we have recently introduced our desktop application. Unlike the web application, we do not load your site within an iframe and this helps to eliminate a lot of editor loading issues. Here is a link to our KB article on Getting Started with the Optimizely Desktop App. Here you will find the appropriate download link for your environment.

The other option is to look for a 3rd party browser extension that will ignore x-frame headers. The use of this type of extension should allow the ability to load your site within an iframe.

If you continue to experience issues loading your site within the visual editor, I recommend submitting a support ticket so we can further diagnose the issue.

Todd Seller

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