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Website form not working in variation

tfazlani 08-06-15

Website form not working in variation



I have set up a test on my websites homepage to provide a lead gen form to users. The problem I have is that the form I am using has inline javascript which gets stripped out when I add it to the html. It doesn't work if I add it to the experimental javascript section either. The form I am using is already being used elsehwere on the page too. Can you please look into this for me so that I can solve this issue.


The test page can be seen here. The actual site is



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Re: Website form not working in variation

Hi there,

When you use the replaceWith() method, you are swapping out a large chunk of code. There is the inadvertent consequence that you will lose the the dynamic functionality the original code contained.

I had a look at your experiment- You have very sweeping visual changes here. For the sake of keeping the javascript functionality fully intact and also preventing page flashing, I suggest you set this up as a redirect experiment.


Amy Herbertson
Customer Success