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What is a "conversion" in Total Revenue tracking?

JamesDWitmer 01-21-16
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What is a "conversion" in Total Revenue tracking?

I'm confused about the Results table for Total Revenue tracking.


If it is really tracking dollars per visitor, I would expect to see it formatted in currency, and I would expect the total number to be much higher than what I'm seeing.


Is there any chance the report is showing Conversions With Revenue?


I'm new to Optimizely, and not as technical as I wish I were. I did try to check the knowledge base, but I couldn't find an example of what the results should look like, so any help would be greatly appreciated.



Joel_Balmer 01-21-16

Re: What is a "conversion" in Total Revenue tracking?

Hi @JamesDWitmer,


Revenue is unlike other Optimizely goals in that it doesn't de-duplicate, so every purchase, even multiple times per unqiue visitor (and even page refreshes) will be captured as separate events by the revenue goal. It's possible the way the goal works might be throwing your understanding of the figures being displayed. I'm not sure whether these were the help articles you found, but you may also wish to view the results page articles and the revenue goal to see if you can view this goal in the way that you need.


After that, you may also want to check some other resources, here, which include troubleshooting if your goal still looks like it's displaying / recording wrong.


I hope that helps? Feel free to post more details so one of us can help you if you have more information for us.



Re: What is a "conversion" in Total Revenue tracking?

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Thanks very much for your help! I did see the pages you mentioned, but I re-read them as closely as I could just now.

I think I understand at least partly what's going on, but I'd love confirmation. When I first look at my Results for Revenue, I see something like this:

Original: 10,666.29 / 975
Variation #1: 11,417.89

Original: 10.9398
Variation #1: 12.4649

The numbers are close to what I'd expect to see for revenue, and looks as though you could put a dollar sign in front of the values. So far so good, as long as I'm right.


But as soon as I click on "Unique" or "Total," I get this:

Original: 144/971
Variation #1:155/915

Original: 14.83%
Variation #1: 16.94%

Original: 149/971
Variation #1: 155/915

Original: 0.1535
Variation #1: 0.1694

I really don't know what this is counting. Based on your statement that Revenue goals don't de-duplicate, do these numbers mean anything at all, or should we ignore them?

Also, I can't figure out how to get back to the first, revenue-based display without re-loading the page. Am I missing something there, too?

Many Thanks,

Joel_Balmer 01-22-16

Re: What is a "conversion" in Total Revenue tracking?

Hi @JamesDWitmer, ah yes I think I understand what you're saying now!


The totals vs uniques toggle is meant for binary goals, as a way of seeing the duplicated number of conversions (I think this was a very long standing feature request). I believe this isn't fully functional for revenue goals, because when clicked it just treats it like a binary conversion goal, so the UI appears slightly broken. It can actually be useful to show the conversions on your revenue goal, but it's common to add in a custom event or pageview goal on the confirmation page to see your uniques / totals purchase events. The revenue goal will likely change in the future to remove the uniques / totals count toggle, to remove this confusion.

Hopefully that helps!

Re: What is a "conversion" in Total Revenue tracking?

Thank you, @Joel_Balmer! That helps enormously. I will ignore the "Total" and Unique" toggles for this goal, and consider adding a page-view goal.

My peace of mind has increased significantly. I really appreciate your time and help.