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What kind of test is appropriate?

pjr-ARN 08-05-16

What kind of test is appropriate?



I am trying to set up a POV experiment and I'd like some suggestions on how to execute as well as the type of experiment I'd need to run to get the data we need to compile.


I wanted to run two different web pages against each other in this experiment. They are not design variations. They are two distinct pages with a different look and feel. The goal is to compare engagement scores. Each site occurs at a different point in the funnel, so it may be difficult to have a 1-1 comparison between the two, but I wanted to try and drill down by a specific audiance to create a statistical competition that would yield some results.


Hope this isn't a confusing question. Just need to know if this is a viable experiment and potential links in the knowledge base that would help.


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robertchan 08-05-16

Re: What kind of test is appropriate?

If you just want to capture the two pages and engagement on each page then you can do an AB test (engagement is already automatically being tracked as a goal) then you can simple match for just those two URLs in your URL targeting settings.
Robert Chan

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