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When a test is finished... couple questions

demigr 09-29-14

When a test is finished... couple questions

Hi everyone, I just started using Optimizely and LOVE IT! I have a couple questions for you guys..


We are a small company and dont have a dedicated web development/design team.  This is part of the reason I love optimizely, its really easy to change things with that editor.  Now that being said, I am not sure what to do when a test is done. Lets say a variation has outperformed the baseline by a margin and you want to implement, what is the common course of action here? Do you recode the site to look like the variation? Is it possible to tell Optimizely that this variation should now become the baseline, and start a new test with that variation being the baseline?


This doesnt seem like the correct way to do it, but we dont know how to implement the changes without hiring an outside party.  We can do this, just trying to get some advice and see if this is the best way to go about, or if continuing to run through optimizely is something people also do without actually putting the new page design on your domain?


Would editing the site to look like the variation page be as simple as giving someone the variation code to upload to our domain? 



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adzeds 09-29-14

Re: When a test is finished... couple questions

The best step is to code those changes into your website so that you can close the test and remove the code from the Optimizely snippet. As if you keep testing and leaving all the code to be loaded through the snippet it will start to get very large and cause you some problems in the long run.

If you went to a developer with a copy of your variation code then they should be able to code the changes in no time at all at a very good rate.

I would suggest looking for a developer who can do work on an hourly basis and get a quote for what they would charge per hour and the minimum number of hours they will work. You can then build up a list of things to have coded from your testing and hand them to your developer.

You can browse sites like oDesk and Elance to find these guys or I can provide some contact details via PM if you want.

I would have thought you can get the changes made for a very reasonable price.
David Shaw
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Amanda 09-29-14

Re: When a test is finished... couple questions

Good question. You should check out the discussion here where I provide some details to @laurenm 's question (which was also about how to apply the variation's changes to your site code). 


Best practice is to make your changes permanent, but that being said, there are several people out there who use Optimizely to run 100% of their traffic to a certain variation (meaning they are continuing to run the changes through Optimizely).