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When to choose a variation as the "Baseline" in the Results Page?

Noah 10-21-15

When to choose a variation as the "Baseline" in the Results Page?



This is a very basic question but I'm hoping to find a more in-depth explanation if possible. In the Results Page, you can select between which version of your experiment you'd like to view as the "Baseline". In the Knowledge Base, it states:


"Let's say you don't want to compare the results of your variations to your original page. Maybe you want to compare their performance to a certain variation. Click the drop-down under Baseline: in the top-right of the Results page, and you can use a different variation as your baseline."


My question: When would you want to change the baseline and compare a variation as the baseline instead of the true original? I see that it changes the Difference Interval, Improvement, and Significance on the Results Page, but when would I want to be reporting these differences to my boss as opposed to just showing the original as the baseline vs the true variations?



Noah Shunfenthal
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Alhan 10-21-15

Re: When to choose a variation as the "Baseline" in the Results Page?

Hi @Noah,


We most often use this to compare between variations. For example, if you use Factorial Design, you may be in need of finding out if VarB is significantly outperforming VarA, and to see how VarC is doing against VarB, etc... 


Does that help? 

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