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Which element clicked in a multiple click goal

misura 02-15-15

Which element clicked in a multiple click goal

I successfully added a click goal with multiple elements.

I'd like to know which element was clicked in the click goal. Is that information available in the report somewhere?


Or should I use the integration with Google Analytics, per ?

If I do that, will it be clear in GA which variation the click came from?



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Amanda 02-17-15

Re: Which element clicked in a multiple click goal

When you add a click goal that selects many elements, Optimizely will trigger a conversion if *one* of any of these elements are clicked. Optimizely captures the name of the click goal, it does not differentiate between the different buttons.

If you want to track each element separately, then I would recommend adding a unique click goal for each element. If you integrate with Google Analytics, then you will be able to see all the data you typically see in GA, but split out into cohorts of variations/original. So, if you already have click goals for each element set up in GA, then integrating with Optimizely should do the trick for you too.

Let me know if you have any questions on this!