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Wordpress: FATAL ERROR

pkamp 12-04-15

Wordpress: FATAL ERROR

Hey guys, 

I need your help with Optimizely!

I installed the wordpress plugin.
But I get the following error: "Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in /kunden/[...]/plugins/optimizely/config.php on line 8"


What can I do?

Best regards



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Joel_Balmer 12-07-15

Re: Wordpress: FATAL ERROR

Hi @pkamp, thanks for getting in touch about this!


Can I ask how you're seeing this issue? For example, is this in the Optimizely editor (shown as an alert view), or in the console when loading the editor, or perhaps in the console on your live site? Can you also confirm you've correctly setup the steps as per our article and the wordpress plugin instructions, here?


If you can provide more information on how you're setting up Optimizely, checking the setup, and how to reproduce the issue, hopefully our community will be able to help!


Kind regards,