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are test mobile responsive

tswiatek 07-13-16

are test mobile responsive

I am new to this platform. My site is already designed to be mobile reponsive. Will my optimizely test automatically be mobile responsive after changing them in the editor? Or will I need to create multiple tests for the same experiment?


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robertchan 07-13-16

Re: are test mobile responsive

As long as the same Optimizely snippet has been implemented on both the desktop and mobile version of your site, you're test will run across both.
Robert Chan

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inigam 07-15-16

Re: are test mobile responsive


The simple answer is (basis my experience of using it on both optimised and non optimised sites)

- For Mobile Optimised site, you DO NOT need to have two experiments, single experiment will run.

but in some cases you should to take caution, like when your mobile site has considerably different code/css etc. Then, in that case, you should ideally run separate experiment for mobile and also check and validate your goals.

Hope that helps


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