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In "Using Optimizely"
Optimizely has just been mentioned on a recent article on a blog I follow, mainly arguing that companies are being vague on what and how the...
Reply from Jason-GSell 09-07-17
Thanks for sharing this @RyanC! At first I was very excited because this is also a massive pet peeve of mine. In our experiment ideation workshop...
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In "Using Optimizely"
We had a variation get a significant of SPAM traffic on July 19th. What would cause this? It only went to the variation and not the Original. 
Reply from robertchan 08-03-17
As Jason mentioned, this might be from allowing force parameters. Try disabling it in your account settings. If you're linked to some type of analytic...
In "Using Optimizely"
Today, we deployed a change to the way we display Visitor Attributes in the Optimizely interface.  Read on for details! Who does this change...
Reply from Roman-Delcarmen 01-31-17
A great improvement, I have been waiting for this over 6 months
In "Using Optimizely"
Welcome to One Minute Mondays, because on Monday, you only have one minute.   Each Monday, we’ll post an education-packed tip presented by one of...
Reply from jpfotoz 06-04-16
Awesome Derek!