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changes don't appear in preview mode

donduncats 02-22-16

changes don't appear in preview mode



After making changes in the editor mode of the website, it does still look the same in the preview mode ( still displaying old image background) even though I have updated it with a new one and saved the change.


What am I missing?



JDahlinANF 02-22-16

Re: changes don't appear in preview mode

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@donduncats - Typically this means that the HTML you are editing does not exist when the the Optimizely code runs.  There could be a couple reasons why this happens.


Generally speaking, oage timing usually looks like this:

1- Web Server returns HTML

2- Optimizely Loads

3- Optimizely evaluates the user and page for any experiments and applies any experiments this page hit qualifies for

4- Local JavaScript and jQuery loads and runs

5- AJAX stuff happens


Steps #4 and #5 are both possible candidates for causing this issue.

In number 4, for example, you may be targeting an image that is part of a slide-show.  The slide-show probably exists as a simple list of <li> items which a plugin trasnforms into the slideshow.  If you are editing one of those images, since the slideshow does not actually exist when Optimizely runs, your WYSIWYG changes will not work.  Instead, you'll need to edit the original values (inside the <li>).

In number 5, for example, if your site uses an AJAX request to populate a widget, the HTML inside that widget does not exist when the window loads, so Optimizely cannot edit it before the completion of the AJAX event.   When this happens, your WYSIWYG changes will not work.  Instead, you'll need to make the changes on the post-AJAX elements which may mean asking your DEV team to add a trigger to the AJAX code that runs after the new HTML has been added to the webpage (so that your experiment can listen for this trigger and update the image when it "hears" the trigger).


Hope this helps you understand the types of things to look for.


If your project has "force parameters" enabled and if you can supply a link to the page (and instructions on which image you are attempting to change), someone can assist with details specific to why this is happening to that image on that specific page.  If you can't, then you'll need a Support Ticket - they have access to your project and would be able to troubleshoot it without you sharing the details of your site/experiment to the general public.

blfarris 02-24-16

Re: changes don't appear in preview mode

I'm also seeing this problem. 


I set up some tests mid-feb and the preview worked fine at that time. When I view the site as a regular visitor the changes are visible (3 out of 4 at least), but in the preview I only see the original.


The one page where the changes don't show on the live site I can't even get the editor to load the page! 


Has something changed in the last few weeks?



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robertchan 02-24-16

Re: changes don't appear in preview mode

Brad, has your dev team made any changes since then? As nap0leon mentioned, you can force parameters to load the page and see it how it would deploy. If your changes are not showing with force parameters, you may need to put a timeout or setinterval on your code, and/or scope out your code to window. Below is an example of a timeout:

1) Your original code


2) Your original code with a timeout

setTimeout(function() {


}, 5000);
Robert Chan

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blfarris 02-26-16

Re: changes don't appear in preview mode

OK, on one experiment when I force parameters both the original (=0) and variation 1 (=1) appear the same. I think the code is just not running on that one. 


On another page I can't see the variaion in the preview (preview of both the original and variation look the same), but I can see the variation in another browser!


The Dev team has not changed either page, but I could try setting the experiment up again?





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JDahlinANF 02-26-16

Re: changes don't appear in preview mode

If you are using the force parameter, the variation runs on that page no matter what.

(well, unless Optimizely is not on that page or if you have force parameters disabled)


Guessing that the page's HTML structure has changed sicne you initially set it up.

If you share a link to the page and the ID of the experiment you are trying to run, we can scope it out for you.