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click goal issues

kimberlyjelly 03-21-16

click goal issues

Hi Optiverse!

Does anyone have any experience with creating click goals in an experiment, but when you click on an element that you added for the test, it SHOULD tell you no elements were specified since that is an element you are adding. Instead, my experiment is showing a red highlight on a button in the original instance. Not sure what is going wrong here, and was curious if anyone has had this issue!



JDahlinANF 03-21-16

Re: click goal issues

@kimberlyjelly - sounds like the CSS selector you are using for your goal matches a button that also exists in the original content.


If you want it to match only something that is in the variation, you have to give it something utterly unique to latch onto, like, use a class like this on your button (where 123456789 is your experiment's id):


then make your click goal look for the CSS selector like:


that way you know for sure that nothing else on your entire website will have that class on it and your goal can ONLY be achieved by clicking on the button that you added with that experiment.



Re: click goal issues

Thank you nap0leon!


I will add a special class to that element in the editor then. I will do the same for the other buttons (we have 3).