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could not edit variation

robert_slovak 01-29-15

could not edit variation

Hi there,


I have a problem to use optimizely for website, when I tried to use it, I can not see any possibility to make any changes on my page in editing mode.


Editor didn´t offer me any possibility to change elements on the page


When I tested editor for different site like, that went well.


Could you tell me, why my site doesn´t behave the same way - is it about the code of my website? Or what could be

possible problem?


Thanks for help



greg 01-29-15

Re: could not edit variation

Hey Robert, I was able to load your site after allowing unsafe scripts. Here's how to do that:


  1. Try to load your site in the experiment editor.
  2. When you get the error message, look for the small "shield" icon in the browser's URL bar (if you're using Crome).
  3. Click the shield icon and click "Load unsafe scripts."
  4. The page will refresh and your site should load within the editor.


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Re: could not edit variation

Hi Greg,
thank you for reply.

I don´t have a problem with loading my page to optimizely.

I have problem after loading my page,
I am not able to make any changes on my website in editor mode.
It doesn´t offer me any menu with choices "edit element", "insert", etc.

Editor works for me on different sites, but not on particular one -

I use opera browser, but again, for other sites, optimizely work well in this browser.

What could it be? Any idea?
Amanda 01-29-15

Re: could not edit variation

Hi @robert_slovak  - I looked at your site and it appears that you do not have the Optimizely snippet on the page. Once you get the snippet added, your page should load just fine. 


You can find details on how to add the snippet here


Let me know if you have any questions on this!

greg 01-29-15

Re: could not edit variation

I see now. I'm using latest Chrome for Windows and I have the same problem when loading your site.


My guess would be that it's related to the Javascript loaded on your site. It looks like there's an onClick function bound to every click... That might be related, I'm not sure.


Maybe an Optimizely rep can help out a bit more.

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