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crazyegg number of visits wrong?

laurenross 08-24-16

crazyegg number of visits wrong?

does anyone know why the numbers in crazyegg dont match.  we have 2 tests at 50% each but the original visits are over 2000 in crazyegg and the varient, theres only 150?




robertchan 08-24-16

Re: crazyegg number of visits wrong?

It might be because of the same reason users see differences between the number of visitors counted in Google Analytics versus in Optimizely.

"A primary reason for a discrepancy between your GA numbers and Optimizely’s results boils down to the way a 'visitor' is counted... for instance, Google Analytics uses a tracking call that is session based, meaning a single visitor can trigger multiple visits over a given period of time. Optimizely, on the other hand, uses a 10 year cookie and counts unique users."

Robert Chan

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inigam 08-25-16

Re: crazyegg number of visits wrong?

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I am also using Crazzy Egg and as tricky as it is between both the tools, that big discrepancy appears very unusual to me.

Crazzy egg is pageview based and Optimizely is User based count so there will be difference in volume. If one believes that 2000 Crazzy egg pageviews are from 150 Optimizely users, that would mean one user has browsed the page roughly 13 times ! which doesn't quite sound ok.

Can you check
Any Audience filter you have in Optimizely?
- Check if your Optimizely test has Audience filter on , Any targeting conditions
- Check any IP filters you are using in Optimizely

- Does the Optimizely test fires on all page loads ? or is it conditional /manual

Your average pageviews should be in the ball park of your site's average. unless your test itself triggers pageviews, or impacts user behaviour to affect page views either way: plus or minus.



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